Jan 29 2017

5 Fun Ideas For A Kid's Valentine's Day Party

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5 Fun Ideas For A Kid's Valentine's Day Party

Whether your child celebrates a birthday in February or she just loves playing the party host, organizing a Valentine’s Day party offers a fun way for kids to get together and celebrate friendships. These simple crafts, games and activities will get your partygoers into the spirit of the holiday and keep their hands and mouths busy all afternoon. 

Custom Picture Frames

Dig out your old Polaroid camera and have each partygoer pose for a picture with her friends; then set her up at a craft table where she can design her own custom frame for the photo. Buy inexpensive wooden or plastic frames from a craft store, or cut heavy-duty chipboard into a frame shape, and let the kids decorate their frames with craft paint, glitter, heart-shaped sequins and puffy paint. 

Guessing Game

For a super-easy Valentine’s Day game, fill a clear jar with candy conversation hearts, making note of how many candies end up inside. Display the jar, and have each partygoer guess how many candy hearts are inside. Send the winner home with a small prize, such as a book or a sheet of stickers.

Make Your Own Pizza

Pizza makes for a quick and crowd-pleasing meal for kids of all ages, and you can turn lunchtime into an activity by letting the partygoers create their own pizzas. Start with pre-cooked pita rounds, flatbreads or mini pizza crusts and set out bowls of sauce, shredded cheese, chopped red peppers, mini pepperoni, diced olives, crumbled bacon and tomato slices. When the kids are done with their creations, load them onto a baking sheet and cook in the oven at 415 degrees Fahrenheit for six to nine minutes, or until the cheese is melted and golden brown. 

Cupcake Decorating

After lunch, let everyone finish up with a sweet treat at the cupcake bar. Set out unfrosted cupcakes and have the kids create their own dessert by decorating a cupcake with colored frosting, conversation hearts, cinnamon candies, heart-shaped sprinkles and sanding sugar in pink and red. Make your cupcakes even more festive by adding a few drops of red food coloring to yellow or white cupcake batter before baking. 

Valentines and Mailboxes

Receiving valentines is even more fun when kids have their very own mailbox to open. Search for mini tin mailboxes at Target, the dollar store or the drugstore and let each partygoer decorate her own mailbox with stickers, foam shapes, puffy paint and glitter. If you can’t find affordable mini mailboxes, use old shoeboxes or cereal boxes instead, covering each one in plain paper and cutting a large slit in the top before letting the kids decorate. And don’t forget to provide supplies for crafting the valentines that will fill up each partygoer’s new mailbox. Set out construction paper, safety scissors, doilies, glue, glitter, sequins, stickers, sponge paints, markers and glitter pens, and let kids create custom valentines for their friends and family members.

As the organizer of the party, remember to relax and enjoy the day. The best thing about throwing a party for kids is that they’re not picky; they don’t care if the pizza crusts aren’t cut into perfect heart shapes, or that the plates don’t match. Don’t stress about the details and your little guests won’t either; that means biting your tongue when you notice a pizza piled with a mountain of cheese or a freshly-made valentine that’s oozing with glue. Let the kids relax and have fun, and you’ll have all your little partygoers asking about next year’s celebration before they’re out the door.

By: Kristen Fisher

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