Nov 21 2016

5 Tips for Hosting a Safe New Year's Eve Party

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5 Tips for Hosting a Safe New Year's Eve Party

5 Tips for Hosting a Safe New Year's Eve Party 

With the busy holiday season coming to a close, New Year's Eve is the perfect time to host a party for your friends and family. But beware -- a night of celebration can turn into a tragedy in an instant if steps aren't taken to ensure that alcohol is consumed responsibly. If there will be alcohol at your party, it is your responsibility as party host to understand how to keep your guests safe and happy. Here are five tips on hosting a safe New Year's Eve party this holiday season:

Know how everyone's getting home 

No matter how well you think you know your guests, take steps to ensure that no one drives while impaired, by understanding their plans to get home. As you greet each guest, work the question of how they're getting home into the conversation. Keep a close eye for the rest of the night on anyone who's a designated driver.

Also, if any guests don't have a ride home planned, see if they can carpool with one of the designated drivers. Never wait until the end of the night to make plans; chances are, everyone will be drunk and/or tired, and it will make planning a ride that much more difficult.

Plan for surprise overnight guests 

Even the best of plans can sometimes go awry. Maybe your friend who was going to cab home can't get through to any of the taxi services, or maybe their ride home cancels on them. Regardless of the reason, there is always a possibility that someone will find themselves stranded at the end of the night and need a place to stay.

Prepare ahead of time by washing extra blankets and pillows and setting up a few different places for people to sleep. Take it a step further by buying extra toothbrushes and other toiletries and stocking up on electrolyte-filled drinks for the next morning.

Serve food and non-alcoholic beverages 

If your party starts late, you won't be expected to serve a full dinner. But you should have a variety of party foods available for your guests to enjoy throughout the night. Drinking on a full stomach slows the absorption of alcohol into the body, so having these snacks available will protect your guests from getting drunk too quickly.

Consider also serving an alcohol-free punch or other non-alcoholic drinks. Aside from being beneficial for designated drivers or teetotalers, having non-alcohol drinks will give guests another option if they need to slow down on the alcohol.

Stay aware 

You don't need to keep track of every single drink your guests pour, but you should be make the rounds every once in a while and checking on each of your guests. Watch for signs of extreme inebriation, like loss of motor function and slurred speech. If you suspect one of your guests has had too much to drink, take steps to stop them from drinking any more alcohol, and make sure they are never left alone. By staying aware, you will be more likely to pinpoint possible problems and resolve them before they get out of control.

Be prepared to take charge 

Alcohol lowers inhibitions and impairs the ability to think straight, which can lead both to aggressive behavior and to poor decision-making. Be prepared to control any violent or dangerous situations that may arise. This may entail checking blood alcohol levels with a breathalyzer, taking away car keys, or even calling the police. If you don't feel comfortable in this assertive position, talk to a trusted friend before the party and plan to handle these situations together, should they arise.

New Year's Eve is a time of celebration and new beginnings, but when alcohol is involved, anything can happen. Make sure your guests have a plan to get home at the end of the night, but plan for overnight guests anyways. Serve food to soak up alcohol, and watch for warning signs of over-inebriation. Most importantly, be prepared to handle any potentially dangerous situations. Remember, if you allow an inebriated friend to operate a motor vehicle, they become a danger to themselves, to any passengers they may carry, to pedestrians, and to other vehicles on the road. Be a responsible host and stay safe!

By: Kathleen Wilson

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