Jan 29 2017

A Vibrant Spring Wedding

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A Vibrant Spring Wedding


A Vibrant Spring Wedding

A wedding in springtime has an air of excitement. After the long winter months, it’s wonderful for guests to join the happy couple in celebrating their love. Spring is a time of rebirth and the fresh, warm air puts a spring in everyone’s step. It’s a time when people look forward to packing away the winter clothing and donning lightweight fabrics and vibrant colors. This is terrific news for the bride-to-be. Lighter materials and sleeveless dresses appeal to not only the bride, but the wedding party and the guests as well. Those who attend the wedding will love seeing the wedding party dressed in all of their elegant spring attire. The warm weather gives the bride a wide variety of color choices that can make all of her wedding dreams come true. 

Each year thousands of couples choose to marry in the spring. It’s the perfect season for celebrating. There’s a wide range of seasonal flowers available to incorporate into the bride’s bouquet, the table centerpieces and the church and reception hall. Crocus, daffodils, Easter lilies, iris and tulips can bring a splash of color to both the wedding ceremony and reception. 

A great idea for table centerpieces are watering cans painted in the color theme of the wedding. Place fresh cut flowers in each to add vibrancy and fragrance. If the reception hall has posts, adorn them with brightly colored ribbons that match the color of the flowers. This will bring a memory of Mayday poles to all those who attend. If your big day is close to Easter, incorporate an Easter theme. Use miniature baskets as wedding favors and add flowers or Easter candy to delight your guests. 

If there will be children attending your wedding, be sure there is room for them to play. An Easter themed wedding can offer a multitude of games that the young ones will enjoy while the reception is taking place. Organize and Easter egg or treasure hunt, play pin-the-tail on the Easter rabbit or allow them to toss jellybeans into dishes or pails. 

Spring weddings are delightful. Decorate the hall by hanging beautiful butterfly decorations from the ceiling. Add butterfly place cards and wedding favors to the tables in the reception hall. Candleholders and votives are also available in a butterfly theme.

A bluebird theme makes an elegant wedding. Send out bluebird invitations, use bluebird place cards and hang bluebird decorations in the reception hall. A bluebird motive can be placed on each church pew and the wedding party can dress in pastel blue shades to match the décor. There are many wedding items available that center around a bluebird theme and everyone that attends your wedding will love it.

To make your spring wedding the hit of the year, just use a little imagination and enjoy celebrating your love with family and friends.

By: Mary M. Alward

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