Apr 18 2016

Celebrating Achievement – How to Throw a Memorable Party for the College Graduate in Your Life

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Celebrating Achievement – How to Throw a Memorable Party for the College Graduate in Your Life

Celebrating Achievement – How to Throw a Memorable Party for the College Graduate in Your Life

by beconrad

Graduating from college is a major milestone in a young person’s life, and it is only natural for parents to celebrate that achievement in style. Creating a wonderful graduation party is not always easy, but the memories will be well worth the extra effort.

Make it a Multi-Family Celebration

Chances are your graduating college student has developed a number of close friendships during the years he or she has been away at school. It is only natural that your son or daughter will be anxious to celebrate such an important occasion with his or her friends. At the same time, the grad does not want to disappoint the family and deny them the celebration they have so carefully planned.

One innovative answer to this dilemma is the multi-family graduation party. Many parents and working together to create a memorable celebration that their kids can enjoy together. Start by contacting the parents of your child’s friends and asking about their party plans. They may be quite receptive to a shared party – and shared expenses.

One of the advantages of the multi-family celebration is that it can be easier to plan. With more people – and more resources – available – the families may be able to rent a large local venue like a hotel or country club. That makes planning easier, and the catering service means a lot less work for everyone.

Create a Memory Board

A memory board is a great keepsake – something that your son or daughter can cherish throughout the rest of their life. That memory board does not have to be expensive or elaborate – some of the best consist of nothing more than posterboard and a collection of photographs.

Start by gathering up those precious childhood photos – school photos, vacation snapshots and the like. Add in pictures from major milestones – like high school graduation and prom, as well as sports photos and other special memories. Once the memory board is ready, place it in a prominent spot, provide a supply of Sharpies and encourage guests to sign the posterboard. 

You may also want to include a simple portrait from the graduation ceremony – complimented by an extra-large mat. Invite guests to sign that mat as well, then have the whole thing professionally framed. This framed and signed graduation photo will no doubt become a precious keepsake – one that can be tastefully displayed in any décor.

Display the School Colors

Whether you do all the decorating yourself if farm it out to your chosen venue, you will want to focus on the school colors. Creating centerpieces, party favors and keepsakes using the colors of the college provides a wonderful backdrop for the celebration. You can probably find lots of ready-made items at the school store – or online. 

You can compliment those store-bought items with your own ideas – from floral arrangements to handmade place settings. No matter what you choose, those school colors will really stand out and make the venue look even better.

Sending your son or daughter off to college was a big deal – and welcoming the new grad back from college is just as important. The graduation party is something they will remember for the rest of their lives. The right keepsakes and party special touches can make the celebration even more memorable.

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