Dec 03 2016

Hold a Quick and Easy New Year’s Buffet

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Hold a Quick and Easy New Year’s Buffet


New Year’s Eve is the best time to get your friends and family together for good fun, good food and good drinks. You’re on your own with the drinks, but here we’ll show you how to set up a New Year’s buffet that won’t take you days of slaving over a hot stove. 

The trick is to keep everything super simple, while still elegant. Canned goods are perfect for creating a beautiful, delicious spread. You want to go with room temperature or cold, so you can relax all evening, instead of worrying about the temperature of your food. Having several bags of ice on hand is a good idea, just change the ice under your cold food every three or four hours, depending on how fast it melts. Cold food can be set into bowls or trays of ice to keep chilled.

Since the New Year’s buffet will be going on for hours, it’s important that you have enough food for everyone to last until midnight. Keep an extra three or four boxes of crackers and a brick of cheese handy, just in case. 

No-Cook Items

Just dumping stuff from a can onto a plate is not very attractive, but with minimal amount of effort, your plates can look gorgeous in seconds. A few ideas:

Canned Oysters: Drain and arrange on a bed of red cabbage or lettuce.

Baby Corn: Place in a divided plate, stick a colourful toothpick into each corn.

Olives: Buy stuffed olives, drain, add toothpicks and place in divided plate

Cheese: Buy three different cheeses, Gouda, orange cheddar and Brie are good choices. Cut into chunks, slices or wedges and arrange in the center of a plate, with an assortment of crackers around the edge.

Prepared Food

There are some very quick and easy dishes that you can whip up in just a few minutes that won’t require too much effort and will look and taste great. 

Cheese ball Snowman: Dump a package of cream cheese, 8 oz. of cheese spread, half a cup of shredded cheddar and a dash of Worcestershire sauce into the food processor and blend until smooth. Add a tablespoon of finely chopped fresh parsley, a tablespoon of butter, a teaspoon of minced garlic and blend again. Form into three balls and roll each in crushed cracker crumbs. Stack the balls to form a snowman and decorate with clove buttons, a cheese stick nose and pretzel arms. Half a sliced olive makes a great mouth. Surround with crackers.

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels: Just melt some melting chocolate and dip half the pretzel into it. Lay on waxed paper to harden. These can be done a few days ahead of time and stored in Ziploc bags with the air squished out. Try using a combination of white chocolate and dark.

Party Mix: This is an oldie but a goodie! You’ll need five boxes of assorted cereals like Chex, Cheerios, etc., plus about four boxes of mini cheesy crackers, 3 pounds of mini pretzel sticks, and five pounds of assorted nuts. Put all these into a huge container and in a bowl mix 5 lbs of butter, melted, 1 cup of garlic salt, a quarter cup of garlic powder, a cup of seasoning salt, and 2 cups of Worcestershire sauce. Toss the cereal mixture with the butter mixture and bake for 30 min, stirring halfway through. Serve at room temperature.

With just an hour or two of preparation, you can have an amazing New Year’s spread that will require very little attention from you, but will please your guests immensely. Adding in a few store bought goodies to the above ideas will complete your holiday buffet and everyone will be eating long past midnight.

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