Nov 21 2016

How to Host a Fun Wrapping Party

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How to Host a Fun Wrapping Party

Holiday Fun for Everyone - How to Host a Fun Wrapping Party

by beconrad

Wrapping presents can be a lot of fun, but it can become a real chore if you have to do it alone. If you have a ton of presents hidden around the house, it is time to get them undercover with some fancy wrapping paper.

Hosting a wrapping party is a wonderful way to get this holiday chore done and have some fun at the same time. Just invite your friends and family members to bring their own unwrapped presents to the party. You can enjoy some festive food and holiday treats, wrap presents and decorate the space under the tree in one feel swoop. Here are some tips for hosting the perfect holiday wrapping party.

.    Choose an appropriate date for the festivities. You need a date that is late enough in the season for everyone to have finished their shopping but not too close to Christmas. Mid-December is a good choice. 

.    Make an list of wrapping party attendees and contact everyone to see when they are available. People are busy this time of year and it may take some flexibility to get everyone together. Social media sites like Facebook are perfect for planning these kinds of holiday events. 

.    Go through your Christmas box and pull out all the wrapping paper, gift bags, bows and decorations you have. Fill in the gaps with store-bought wrapping paper and homemade items. 

.    Think about creative alternatives to ribbons and bows. You can use yarn, colored twine and even garland to secure and dress up your packages. 

.    Set up a package decoration station with fun items your guests can add to their freshly-wrapped presents. You can pick up inexpensive items like crystals and buttons at the local craft store, along with a hot glue gun, glitter paint and other supplies. 

.    Ask your friends to bring their own supplies to the party. Having an assortment of wrapping papers, gift bags, tags and bows will make it easy for everyone to choose their favorites and create attractive presents for their own family and friends. Ask each guest to bring a roll of wrapping paper, along with an assortment of gift tags, bows, ribbons and anything else they want to bring. 

.    Set out an assortment of holiday-themed goodies for your guests to enjoy. A cheese and cracker platter is a great choice for holiday wrapping parties, and you will want to provide plenty of Christmas cookies as well. You can set up a drink station if you want, complete with eggnog and hot chocolate, but make sure it is well away from the gift wrapping station. 

.    Get out your favorite holiday tunes and have them playing softly in the background. Holiday music will set a fun and festive tone for the party and make the time go faster. 

.    Set aside time for guests to admire one another's gifts. Instead of getting right down to business, spend a few minutes comparing notes and checking out the results of everyone's holiday shopping. You will obviously want to make an exception if the recipient of a particular present is in attendance. In that case you may want to secure the present in an opaque bag first and then start wrapping. 

.    Give everyone a care package of cookies and holiday snacks to take home. Thank everyone for coming and make sure they have all their supplies and newly wrapped presents. 

  Hosting a holiday wrapping present is a great way to enjoy the fun of the holiday season and get one of the biggest chores done at the same time. By the time they leave, your guests will have all their presents wrapped, you will have a beautiful set of wrapped gifts of your own and there will be one less thing to do in the build-up to Christmas day.

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