May 19 2016

How to Throw a 50th Birthday Party

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How to Throw a 50th Birthday Party


How to Throw a 50th Birthday Party

Reaching a 50th birthday is a milestone in everyone's life. If someone you know is having their 50th birthday soon, it is time to plan a party to celebrate. There are many decisions to make for a birthday party including how many people to invite. When selecting a party theme and location, consider the birthday celebrant and what their preferences would be. Here are some of our suggestions to help you get starting with your party plan.

50th Birthday Party Ideas

A 50th birthday party can be anything from a small group of friends at a restaurant or a big bash at your favorite club. The theme depends on the personality of the celebrant and what they enjoy. Some interesting possibilities include the following:

.    A private room at a favorite restaurant 

.    Picnic in a local park 

.    Meeting a favorite sports location such as a swimming pool or ski lodge 

.    A wine tasting or wine and cheese party 

.    A gag gift celebration 

.    A roast (similar to celebrity roasts on television) 

.    Going to see a movie or a play with dessert and coffee afterwards 

.    A small weekend getaway for close family or friends 

.    A couples' event 

.    A charity group event such as Habitat for Humanity building a home 

    A cooking demonstration and meal 

.    Catering a meal at home for a small group of friends 

.    Taking a drive to the closest factory outlet store and having a shopping party 

.    A day at the salon or spa for pampering 

.    Meeting at the local watering hole for a round of drinks 

These 50th birthday party ideas are meant to be a springboard for your creative planning. You can use one of our ideas as listed or adapt it any way you want.

50th Birthday Party Games

Some adults love to play games, others don't. If your celebrant loves games, include them in the party. You can have gambling games, guessing games or card games. If the group is athletic, offer physical contests. If they are competitive, play miniature golf, touch football or even Wii Fishing. Even playing Bingo is great fun for the right crowd. Another wonderful touch is a karaoke contest.

50th Birthday Party Decorations

Many 50th birthday parties are festooned with black ribbon. However, if that will depress the honoree then choose their favorite color scheme. Even if it is orange, teal and shocking pink, you can find a wide variety of decorations to fit your theme. One cute idea is to choose vintage items to decorate the party that get used in one of the party games later or are part of a gift for the birthday gal or guy.

50th Birthday Party Invitations

Depending on the mood or theme of the party, invitations can be issued in many forms. 50th birthday party ideas for invitations include email, postcards, formal invites, phone calls and hand-delivered trinkets. If a scavenger hunt is part of the party, you can mail or deliver treasure boxes filled with clues to each person invited.

50th Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Passing out party favors to adults is quite different than at a child's party. Find useful items such as seeds for planting to offer as a favor. Other 50th birthday party ideas for favors include boxes of teas or bags of coffee, small plants, individual boxes of candy or personalized notebooks or water bottles.

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