May 24 2016

How to Throw a Destination Bachelorette Party

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How to Throw a Destination Bachelorette Party

How to Throw a Destination Bachelorette Party

By Maggie Park

Women want more from a bachelorette party than the stereotypical drunken mayhem that is championed in movies like The Hangover. After all, the purpose behind the party is a celebration of friendship and an implied promise that the bond will not disappear after the wedding. Therefore, a destination bachelorette party is the ultimate way to make some girls-only memories before the big day. 

Because a destination bachelorette party requires more planning as well as more input from the other attendees, you need to begin early. Start by considering these big issues.

Pre-Party Planning

Before you begin, have a meeting with the other guests. Here you can discuss bachelorette party locations, budgets, timelines, and entertainment. If you combine this planning meeting with a spa or shopping day, your pre-planning party becomes a time for the group to get acquainted. The better you know each other, the more fun the trip will be. 


Each of the bride’s closest friends probably does not have the same amount of disposable income. Therefore, at the planning meeting, make sure to discuss the budget. Your budget and the home towns of your attendees will impact which bachelorette party locations are workable.

Etiquette suggests that the bride’s friends cover the bride’s expenses for bachelorette parties. But destination parties may require more flexibility. Discuss which of the bride’s expenses the group can cover. Travel expenses are a great place to begin. If your group cannot cover all of the bride’s expenses, make sure to communicate this to her at the beginning.


Part of creating a plan involves creating a timeline. Since travel expenses, such as airline tickets, need to be purchased in advance, a payment plan is a good idea. Deposits keep the party organizer from getting stuck with some hefty bills. An added benefit a payment plan is that deposits actually build excitement because each installment brings the destination bachelorette party closer to reality.


Recognize that you cannot please everyone. Instead find a bachelorette party location that pleases most people, especially the bride. Before your initial meeting research some locations that vary in price as well as amenities and bring this information to the meeting. 

Some common denominators that make for great destination parties are trendy nightlife, luxurious spas, and art galleries. Cities that are compact enough to be walkable are ideal. Consider some of these locations:

• Charleston, S.C.

• Chicago

• Denver

• Las Vegas

• Miami

• Napa, Calif.

• New York 

• San Antonio, Texas

• San Francisco 

• Seattle


Create excitement by hosting a pre-party gathering. This is another opportunity to create camaraderie before the big trip. Attendees can shop for party clothes or spring for a spa treatment. Don’t forget to hand out some party favors that will keep the excitement brewing.

While you are planning a great destination bachelorette party, don’t forget the purpose behind the trip. Brides wonder if their friendships will endure this major life change. Will friends just drift away after priorities are modified? A destination bachelorette party reassures the bride that her friends will always be there for her. And the bonding you experience will create memories that last a lifetime.

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