Dec 03 2016

How to Throw a Puppy Party

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How to Throw a Puppy Party


Is there a special dog in your life? More and more people are acknowledging the important role that companion animals play in our lives by giving their pets special parties to celebrate milestones in their lives. These special milestones might include birthdays or even passing doggy training school. These events often turn out to be just as much fun for the humans as they are for the dogs. This kind of interaction can be beneficial to your dogs as it encourages healthy socialization with other animals and with humans. It's a great way to reinforce good dog behavior and training.

Here are some guidelines for hosting a successful dog party:
1. Carefully choose which dogs to invite to your dog party. If certain dogs have a history of being uncomfortable around other dogs or humans, you might want to consider taking them off the list. Keep the number of dogs you invite to less than seven to keep things manageable.
2. Take steps to dog proof your home by removing anything valuable or that could be easily broken. Unplug electrical cords when possible so the dogs won't run into them or chew on them.
3. Plan the doggie food and snacks well ahead of time. Never serve a cake or other foods with chocolate since it's toxic to dogs. Consider buying a prepared cake from a canine bakery or prepare your own with healthy, dog friendly ingredients. You may also want to prepare some all natural dog cookies and serve Frosty Paws frozen dog ice cream as a special treat.
4. Be sure to have plenty of water bowls available and keep them filled. Excited dogs become thirsty very quickly.
5. Give each doggie mom or dad a bag of clean up supplies when they arrive with their dog. This will serve as a gentle reminder for them to clean up after their dogs.
6. Make sure all gates and doors are closed to prevent an excited dog from escaping and running into the street.
7. Avoid hanging balloons during the party. If one should pop, it could startle an unsuspecting dog causing him to run away.
8. When you make your invitation list, consider dog size. It's probably best to host a party for dogs of similar size. A large German Shepherd could be threatening to a party of predominantly miniature dogs.
9. Have a camera ready to take lots of photos of the dogs playing and interacting.
There's no doubt that a dog party can be lots of fun for everyone! Give it a try and see.

By: Dr. Kristie

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