May 19 2016

How to Turn Your Next Backyard BBQ into an Olympic Competition

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How to Turn Your Next Backyard BBQ into an Olympic Competition


How to Turn Your Next Backyard Barbecue into an Olympic Competition 

Backyard barbecues are one of the staples of summer. After a while though, just standing around the grill and chatting can become a bit dull. If you want to really get your friends and family into the spirit of summer, throw an Olympic barbecue complete with several games and winner's brackets. To inspire competition, you can offer perks to everyone who wins gold: first dibs on the biggest steaks, the best seats in the house and, most importantly, neighborhood bragging rights.

Regardless of the winning prizes, your friends and family will have a blast playing outside all day. Plus, they'll work up a great appetite for when dinner is served hot off the grill. Here are some of the best games to turn your backyard barbecue into an Olympic competition, including some creative stipulations to keep things interesting.

The American Classics 

Baseball may only be the second most popular sport in the country, but it's still affectionately known as America's pastime. Unfortunately, not many people have room for a full-sized baseball diamond in their backyards. However, there's always room for Wiffle ball.

Wiffle ball makes a great barbecue game because it's safe and cheap. There are also tons of ways to mix up the game in new ways instead of playing by the rules of baseball. For example, hold a home run competition to see who can hit the ball the furthest. Hold a juggling competition to see who can bat the ball into the air the most times without letting it touch the ground. Introduce some comedy into the game by having batters spin around until they're dizzy before the ball is pitched. Make sure someone is keeping score so you can determine who your Wiffle ball gold medalist is in the end.

Cornhole is another classic backyard game that's safe and fun for everyone. To keep the game competitive, introduce some handicaps to the players with the best aim. For example, if a team wins two games in a row, they have to play the next round blindfolded, or they have to throw the beanbag by slinging it with a spatula.  

Three-Legged Racing, Four-Legged Racing, Five-Legged Racing, Etc. 

Cooperative racing games are a great bonding experience for competitors, plus they'll give everyone watching a good laugh. The classic version is a simple three-legged race in which two-person teams tie two of their legs together so that they have to run in unison to reach the finish line.

One way to switch up the classic three-legged race is to have whole teams of friends and family compete against each other in relays. Two people from each team are tied together and they race across the yard, where another family member is waiting. The third member then has to quickly tie themselves to the first duo, which turns it into a three-person four-legged race. Keep tying racers together and watch the hilarity ensue. The team that can add the most members without anyone falling over wins the gold.

Olympic Eating Contests 

Backyard barbecues are the perfect venues for Olympic-style eating contests. Hot dogs and pies are the classic entree of choice, but if you don't want your guests completely ruining their appetites you should choose a lighter dish. Watermelon slices or small bowls of whipped cream make great alternatives: the competition becomes more about who can eat the fastest rather than who can eat the most. Just make sure the eating contest is held a few hours before dinner so that your guests have room for the main course.

Preparing Your Backyard for the Olympic Ceremonies 

Every Olympic ceremony deserves a proper venue. Spruce up your backyard by clearing out any sticks, rocks, and debris that may pose a tripping hazard. If you have pesky weed issues, use a nontoxic weed killer that is safe for the guests who will be running around your yard. Salt water and vinegar are great nontoxic alternatives to herbicide for eliminating minor weeds.

Mow your yard the day before the party so that your lawn has that wonderful freshly-cut smell. Use a grass sweeper to clean up the clippings so that your lawn looks pristine. With a bit of work, you'll have the best looking backyard in the neighborhood and your Olympic barbecue will be the talk of the town all summer long.

By: Alexander Eliot

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