May 19 2016

Ordinary to Extraordinary: How PR Transforms Your Corporate Event

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Ordinary to Extraordinary:  How PR Transforms Your Corporate Event


Ordinary to Special: How PR Transforms an Event

Imagine that you have a fundraising gala. You’ve hired all the right vendors, invited the most prominent and relevant guests, and everything is lining up exactly like you planned. The gala is running without a hitch—until you realize that no one aside from the guests and your event planners even knows for whom the gala is being thrown. In retrospect, you should have hired a PR consultant. 

Public relations, or PR, is a vital part of any successful event planning. Without a PR consultant to manage your event or organization, then you might as well be throwing a private party for your friends, because a company or event is only as good as the image it projects to the outside world.

Public relations is responsible for much more than just putting a positive spin on a negative situation. From writing press releases to managing advertising campaigns and social media marketing, public relations can boost your next charity event to the next level. Take that fundraising gala for example. If you had hired a PR consultant to write press releases on your behalf, then the media will know to deliver the information to the public. Community support is vital, but people can’t support an event they know nothing about. An effective PR consultant means the difference between a lackluster party and a noteworthy celebration.

Whether you need a package of advertising or a single media pitch, Kelsey McBride Public Relations offers a wide range of affordable public relations services. Their dedicated staff will work with you to find the appropriate resources for your business or social event. Investing in a public relations firm yields a myriad of returns, not just in dollars but in effective community involvement. The more people know about your company or special event, the more successful it will be. 

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