Dec 03 2016

Unique Ideas For Wedding Favors

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Unique Ideas For Wedding Favors

Unique Ideas for Wedding Favors

Wedding favors can be a thoughtful way to remind your guests of your gratitude towards them on your big day. Unfortunately, favors are often quickly thrown away or left in the hotel before your guests leave town. With the recent trend of DIY-weddings, there are many fun and unique favor options that will leave a lasting impression on your family and friends.

1. Seed Packets

Do you want to remember your wedding flowers long past the lifespan of your bouquet and arrangements? You can send your guests home with the seeds of your favorite wedding blossom. When your family and friends plant these seeds in their garden they will serve as a constant reminder of your marriage. You can even create fun and cute labels for the front of the seed packets with any word processing software. Photos or unique wedding designs can also be imported onto your label before printing. Seed packets are also an easy gift for guests to tuck into a pocket or purse and take home.

2. Hangover Remedies

If you are planning a wild party for your wedding reception, you may want to consider how your guests will feel the next morning. If you send your guests home with a hangover remedy favor, they will be grateful when they wake up the next morning. Simply gather enough mason jars for each adult guest (you can find cheap wedding decor like mason jars at second hand stores or resale websites) and fill the jars with an Emergen-C packet, ibuprofen, and a granola bar. The jars can be used for your guests’ hydration the next morning as well! This favor shows that you have a practical side and a sense of humor.

3. Homemade Treats

Perhaps you are a modern bride that has embraced the DIY wedding. Consider your own talents when designing your wedding favor. Are you known for your killer chocolate chip cookies? Do you make your own homemade hand soap? Have you recently learned how to sew? No matter what, your guests will appreciate a personal touch, especially if it is edible. You can also enlist your bridesmaids or any family members who share a similar talent with you. Homemade cookies, truffles, or other treats can be packaged in cute but inexpensive jewelry bags from your local craft store. Just make sure that the weather conditions on your wedding day will keep your goodies fresh and intact. You can always put the treats in a cooler until the end of the party if you are planning a summer wedding.

4. Charitable Contribution

A donation to your favorite charity is another way to add a personal touch to your wedding day. You simply need to pick a charity to support and a donation amount per guest. This can be an especially effective favor if you are planning a destination wedding far away from your guests’ homes. A charitable contribution in honor of each guest will help your guests feel more connected to you and your spouse. It will also give your spouse’s family a sense of what you believe in.

When considering your wedding favors make sure to pick a gift that you and your spouse are excited about. This gift should also reflect your relationship’s personality and the personality of your wedding day. Be practical and don’t be afraid to do something different!

By: Abigail Purtill


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